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Recently in China, certain kindergartens in Shanghai have been using supplemental materials to enhance their sex education programs. Young children around the age of 5 are learning about sex and the human body by playing with dolls that feature very life like genitalia.

The sex…

China sets up peer-driven sex education program for adolescents

"The new body, known as the Adolescent Reproductive Health Peer Education Society, has proved to be an efficient way to inform the underage about sex by people with similar backgrounds, life experiences and interests, Yang said.

According to the official, the CFPA began studies on the issue in the 1980s, and it has trained a large number of volunteers who can help teach adolescents about reproductive health.

In 1998, the association began pilot research programs on the issue,and two years later an international education program called Adolescent Reproductive Health was launched in 14 provincial capitals and cities with provincial financial powers.

Currently, adolescent reproductive health programs are being extended from the big cities and developed areas to small towns, and rural and remote areas.”



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"So", I said, "funnily enough, we have evolved so that we have our own pond right in our own bodies! And that’s where we keep our eggs."

— Julia Sweeney’s monologue on explaining the birds and the bees to her 8 year old daughter. Hilarious.